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Hi darlins! This year (2015) marks my 31st year of tattooing. My first tattoo was a dragon on my husband Ronnies' thigh. It took 5 1/2 hours to outline and shade...... then 6 hours to color. That was 1982 in Aurora, Colorado. That same tatoo would take me 2 1/2-3 hours start to finish today. I have now been tattooing full time since 1984. So long ago.

I still love tattooing but, some of the public can be tedious and challenging.

I really enjoy renovations and cover ups. It is very rewarding to "fix" a problem for someone.

I have a new answer to the question of the toughest tattoo I've ever done.....It was on February 8, 2008. It was an upside down portrait of Johnny Depp.....Don't need to do that anymore!

I have thousands of stories for that book I'll write someday and I'll be glad to share some of them. This however, is not a biography.....It is an update.

We've been here in Fairfield, California since May 1998. We opened for business on June 5,1998. I have no clue how much longer I will be working BUT, I still love it so why not? I can still see and I'm still a good tattoo artist.

One final footnote, I'm still a "tough old bird" but, I don't carry a gun anymore because I put my trust in the Lord God.

Much love and many blessings, Lin

Greetings !

Well nearly one more year under my belt. After the New Year I always start the count over. In January (2014)I will be able to say I now have 30 years of tattooing. WHO KNEW!!! What a blessing.

People are asking “how long?”. I don’t know! For Social Security reasons I MUST work until 66 years of age (next Sept.) OR MORE. The truth is I am the provider for my family of three, therefore, I must work. The good news for me is I STILL LOVE TATTOOING, therefore, I get to work. The blessing is still there. My answer is I Think I will be working for at least another couple of years (or more!). It is STILL up to God. Stay with me…..I still LOVE to do restorations and cover-ups!